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Our online tools provide a simple path to increase the quality of labour done, simpler oversight, and quality assurance in particular.


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Our customers have, thanks to solutions like MortgageCalc, increased their turn-over rate by tens of percent, in the first year after implementation. Their business network is less burdened by analytical tasks and has more time available for customer care.



Our analytics team tracks financial markets in real time. This ensures that the data we provide is always up-to-date. For multi-level supervision, our database is also available to the banking houses.

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Our tools are being used by hundredths of people every day


Our clients have lowered their wage expenditures on own analytics staff


MortgageCalc generates thousands of offers every week


MortgageCalc is running since 2012 and is getting improvements all the time


Clients who use our tools increase their turn-over rate up to 30% annually


Customers of our clients require the highest standard of services, which cannot be done without online tools in 21st century

We are a member of the czech fintech association

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